Connecting Families, Local Entrepreneurs & Helping create lasting memories

Fun News & Events for the Neighbors of Newport Coast, Beach and Pelican Hill areas

Connecting Newport Coast Families & Local Businesses to build lasting relationships, create a safe place for family friendly local events, fundraisers and connecting the community. An interactive space designed to update neighbors with monthly calendar of events, real estate updates and upcoming fundraisers. A place to get to know one another and a resource for the neighbors.

We love to learn the story behind each unique business and entrepreneur and uncover your journey to success and share our neighborhood news updates to keep the local community informed. To become a recognized expert in what you do. Curating the customer loyalty and helping you accelerate your growth goals. We try to outfit every individual with a specialist environment where they can go into the best version of themselves. Our honor winning society is felt at every level of what we do considering the way that we sort out the meaning of a fantastic workplace.

Family and kid-friendly space

Newport Coast and Beach areas are filled with many opportunities for fun local family outings from stand-up paddle board to local water course and movies on the beach. We love to find new and exciting ways to bring friends and family together, explore new adventures, fresh and locally sourced eateries from the local hotdog stand to Dad’s donut on Balboa. We are always on the lookout for the next hot spot to check out, and outdoor music venues or just a fun shopping galore from Lido to Fashion Island and the cutest boutiques in Corona Del Mar. We are happy to share kid-friendly upcoming news, events, contests that help get the neighborhood involved.

Learning about the Locals

We are always looking for fun and unique stories about the local neighborhood, vendors, unique street art fair or educational seminars by the nearby experts. Drop us a line and share about your next upcoming event. We would love to pass the word along!

A space to share ideas, bring unity for families and businesses. Foster loving, caring and kindness.

We are always looking for new ways to be involved, whether it is helping to create awareness for local fundraisers, providing expert knowledge and resources for start up businesses or passing the word for your neighbor lemonade stand.

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Supporting Small Business Owners and Locally Sourced Network

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